Finnlamelli has clearly stated its goals by offering dwelling houses, summer cottages and saunas constructed from large laminated logs.

Quality timber guarantees durability

The most suitable raw material for log walls is pine and spruce from Central Finland. Due to the balanced growing conditions of the forests in Finland, the material is stable and durable.

The bearing construction of external walls is made from pine and spruce, with the level of humidity a maximum of 13%. Log by log the wall is glued together of two or several wooden lamellae, so that the heart of the tree always remains on the outer surface. The consistency of the glue is checked by the Finnish state supervisory centre and it does not cause an allergy and is not detrimental to one’s health.

Important features of laminated logs

  •  fewer deformations,
  •  maximum subsidence of 1 cm/m,
  •  due to its large size, the log is as highly resistant to fire as could be possible,
  •  accumulates warmth
  •  minimal cracks
  •  natural humidity regulation
  •  pure and natural product.

The client has the possibility to choose between logs of different thicknesses. Log walls of 180×260, 202×260 and 240×260 are first of all suitable for building dwelling houses and need no additional insulation. Log walls with thicknesses of 113×180, 134×180, 165×180 are used for building summer cottages and saunas.