“House with a soul”

Radiologist T.R has built a house that always warmly greets all of the arriving guests. “This house is a house with a soul,” characterises Theo the log-building erected in the Landscape Protection Area.

„At first, we had many types of log-houses in our selection, for example the ones from round-spalt logs, but finally we came to laminated logs. The only one offering this technology was Finnlog. Because the logs for the house were made in Finland and they had a long experience in producing laminated logs, we stuck with this option,” T.R explains why they chose a laminated log-house. “An important reason was also the coordination in project authorisation and it went without problems. The Otepää Landscape Protection Area gave its authorisation to build the house,” says the man contently.

Special work in a special house

The house is located on the farmlands of T.R’s parents. Surrounding the Finnlog laminated log summer house are old farm buildings, which highlight the fresh outlook of the new building. And the newer is delightful indeed – thanks to resourceful solutions in the design process, the house was given a lower ground floor. This way the house is deceptively low from one side, but tall and roomy on the other. The view from the garret of the house is like from a tower – because of the slope the person on the balcony may feel like he or she might have scaled a tower. Open balconies are on the other hand a good place to think and gaze over the delightful farmplace. Riotous beehives are seen from there. The lower ground floor hides a workshop unparalleled to any other. The house is daily used by T.R and R.R, T.R’s parents who do praiseworthy work there. On the floor, that is actually marked as a pool and lounge area, stands a rodfull of varicoloured and colourful garments, one prettier than the other. T.R’s work room is a wellknown place among people that value national garments, no forgeries nor damaged goods are available there.

The long pursued beauty

“Since we were not in a hurry with finishing building the house, then the whole building process was peaceful and corrections were made as necessary. I am pleased with the end result and even if I would like to someday change something, I know Finnlog will help,” praises T.R the company. T.R adds: “We were present when the men did the building. We have nothing to complain over – the work is correct and the builders always on time.” Altogether three years of construction and finally ready, the house is a bliss for its family – 150 square metres of usable space is enough for the children and resting. Children value the most the stairway that traverses through three floors. The interior balcony is just as valued. “Thanks to compromises on both sides, we have a finished house now,” says T.R, content with the company’s flexibility. Also the recommender was an important factor – a Finnlog log-house was previously bought by T.R’s schoolmate. And praises travel fast.