Buying a house is a difficult task: there are countless sellers, and it is hard to distinguish between them. We will make the selection process easier for you.

Why should you choose Finnlog?

The owner of the Finnlog trademark, Finnlamelli Eesti OÜ, has been awarded an AA credit rating by Krediidiinfo and it has been active in numerous markets for over ten years.

Building a house is a major investment. Find a builder you can trust – Us!

Finnlog represents Finnish quality

The quality of our materials is inspected by the Finnish State Supervisory Organisation. The works of Finnlamelli OY, which supplies us with raw material, uses state-of-art technology to process the logs. Every year, approximately 3 million euro or approximately 10 % of the turnover of the company is invested into new solutions and maintenance of the equipment. Consistent development and the assurance of stable quality are two important criteria observed by the works. Finnlamelli OY has also developed and implemented a novel log gluing technology.

Value exceptional quality of life, and always choose the best – Us!

International certifications

Finnlog uses materials that are covered by European technical conformity certificate “Eurooppalainen tekninen hyväksyntä ETA-12/0353”, issued by VTT Expert Services OY, and the Russian compliance certificate “Сертификат Соответствия”.

These documents confirm that each Finnlog house is built in accordance with strict requirements.

Finnlog houses have a warranty you can trust

We supply a ten-year warranty with our buildings.

This warranty can only be issued by a company that has been in business for at least as many years.

Finnlog log-houses have excellent thermal resistance indicators

The applied research conducted by the TTK University of Applied Sciences in 2009 proved that the thermal resistance of Finnlog log-walls in actual field conditions is 15% higher than the thermal resistance values presently being used in modern calculations.

When choosing a house, don’t allow yourself to be fooled by random opinions, but instead search for the facts.

Modern architecture

Cooperation with many leading Estonian architects has helped Finnlog to create unique and astounding log-architecture, which in its innovation strives for comfort and practicality.

We believe that a home should be built like a tailor-made suit – exactly according to the client’s needs and wishes.